We try not to separate siblings in adoption when possible, but adopting siblings brings special consideration for adoptive parents. Our guests to talk about sibling adoption are Kimberly Offutt, a social worker at Bethany Christian Services and Erin Q. Nasmyth, a licensed clinical social worker with Hopscotch Adoptions, who has spent spent the last ten years working with families and children in the foster care system, in child mental health, and supporting families in adoption.


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  • Why do we now view it as important to keep siblings together in adoption when possible?
  • What are some of the advantages for siblings to being adopted together?
  • Is there a concern that siblings will continue to have their strongest bond with each other and won’t attach as readily to the rest in the family?
  • Often the oldest child in the sibling group has had the role of caretaker. Is it important to wean this child out of that role? How?
  • The reality is that adopting 2 or 3 kids is a lot harder and more work than one child. Any suggestions on how to ease the transition?
  • If you have children already in the family, how do you blend the two sets of siblings to form a cohesive family group?
  • What type of preparation is common for families considering adopting siblings?
  • How to handle when a parent fails to attach to one of the siblings?
  • What factors should we consider when looking at a sibling set to see which one would be a good fit for a family already parenting at least one child?
  • When is it not in the child’s best interest to be adopted with his or her siblings?
  • Tips for Families Adopting Siblings
  • How to walk the balance when a child’s social and emotional development differs significantly from his chronological age.


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Show re-aired in 2016.