A Guide to Raising Your Grandchild

We talk about raising your grandkids with Christine Adamec, coauthor with Dr. Andrew Adesman, of The Grandfamily Guidebook. She and her husband have been raising their teenage grandson since his infancy.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why are grandparent led families increasing?
  • What are some common emotions that grandparents and other kin experience when they realize that they need to step in and raise their grandchildren or other kin?
  • What type of decisions should you make about legal custody or permanency? How to protect your grandchild? How to enroll them in school? How to be able to get medical and mental health care for them? How to prevent the child’s parents from removing the child from your home? Becoming a foster parent? A will?
  • What are some of the strains that grandparents can experience with their children (the parents of their grandchildren)?
  • How to navigate the relationship with your adult child?
  • Explaining the situation to the child? (“Why am I living with you and not my parents?”)
  • Raising kids that likely experience trauma, including prenatal exposure.
  • Adjusting to parenting in this new time.
  • Some of the joys of raising your grandchild.


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Music Credit: Michael Ashworth

Image Credit: Dan/Kelli Oakley