What adopted kids should know before they are teens

  1. Their full story—all of it (the good, the bad, & the ugly). What you know they should know. Here are some Creating a Family resources to help Talking With Your Kids About the Hard Issues In Adoption and Talking about the Difficult Parts of Your Adopted Child’s History.
  2. Adoption and birth parents are topics their parents won’t freak out about. It’s OK to wonder, ask questions, and talk about their birth family.
  3. How to answer questions from friends about adoption. A great resource is the W.I.S.E. Up Powerbook.
  4. Their parents (you) may be able to help them get more information about their past and birth family if they want it, or at least you will try
  5. Families are created in lots of ways, and adoption is just another way. Lots of people have been adopted. (See 35 Famous Adoptees and How to Introduce Them to Your Child.)

Resources you might find helpful:

Image credit: State Farm