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Media Resources

Dawn Davenport

Dawn Davenport is Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national adoption & foster care education and support nonprofit. She is host of the top-rated weekly radio show/podcast on these topics– Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption, Foster Care, and Kinship Care. The radio show/podcast has been on air since 2007 and has won awards from both the US Department of Health and Human Services and from Congress for coverage. 

Creating a Family has one of the largest online social networking communities in adoption and foster care, and has been rated as a Top Influencer on Facebook and Twitter.

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Speaking Engagement – For more information about having Dawn Davenport speak at your event or conference, please contact info@creatingafamily.

Thank you so much for the excellent presentation this morning to our association.  Everyone agreed that it was really well done, interesting and we learned a lot.  It’s great to have wonderful resources like Creating a Family to use in our work.    ~ Michelle E. Warner, LCSW Adoption Consultants

Creating a Family Key Programs:

We started in 2007 with a vision of becoming the national resource for adoption education and support. This generation of adoptive parents gets their information online, so in order to meet them where they are, we have created the largest online social networking community in adoption and foster care. Our resources utilize all the cutting-edge Internet technology (web, audio, video, social media). We also strive to tailor our resources to fit different learning styles and time availability. Accurate, unbiased, and easy for busy parents to use, our resources connect our audience to the leading adoption experts working in the field today.

The forefront of our work begins with – one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date adoption websites offering over 1,500 pages and new content each week. To help families make informed choices, the major highlights of our website resources include:

  • “A-Z Resource Guides” give users a comprehensive topical index and quick access to our extensive resources (audio interview, articles, fact sheets, videos, research summaries, and Expert Q&As)
  • 400+ 1-hour archived and downloadable Podcast episodes with interviews of leading national experts
  • AdoptEd online courses for parents, which are expert-based Adoption and Foster Education Courses with certificates of completion
  • AdoptEd CE courses for social workers offered through a partnership with NASW
  • “Adoption Comparison Charts” that serve as a unique tool for helping couples choose what type of adoption is best them, as well as how international adoption differs by country
  • Monthly email outreach bringing easy access to support and the latest in adoption and infertility
  • Plus multi-media guides, webinars, research summaries, etc.

All these resources are free except for our online Adoption & Foster Education courses, which have a minimal charge.

In addition, Creating a Family also runs a moderated peer-to-peer online support group (pre and post adoption) with over 7,000 members.