How to Save Money on Infertility Medications

Infertility medications are very expensive, but there are ways to save money. Should you use a specialized pharmacy? Should you buy your fertility drugs online? Is it safe to buy fertility medications from another country? How much will your insurance cover of your fertility drugs? What type of discounts are available on infertility drugs? Join our guests Dr. Evelina Sterling, reproductive health researcher and educator, and author of Budgeting for Infertility: How to Bring Home a Baby without Breaking the Bank; Joy Lewin Business Unit Head, Reproductive Health at Ferring Pharmaceuticals; David Stern, Executive Vice President, Endocrinology, at EMD Serono; and Andy Gairani, VP Sales & Marketing at DesignRx, a network of Specialty Pharmacies and partners with various drug manufactures including Merck to help patients without fertility drug coverage.

Hit the Highlights
  • Where should you buy your fertility drugs to save the most money?
  • Are any infertility medications available as a generic drug?
  • Why are fertility medications so expensive?
  • What medications are commonly prescribed in fertility treatment?
  • What are the typical drugs used in in vitro fertilization (IVF) and what do they cost?
  • How much choice do patient have over what fertility medications their doctor prescribes?
  • There is a distinction between medical insurance coverage for treatment and insurance coverage for drug cost.
  • Does insurance coverage for fertility drugs vary by which pharmacy you use?
  • Should you use an infertility specialty pharmacy?
  • Should you use the pharmacy associated with your infertility clinic?
  • Can you buy fertility drugs online?
  • Should you buy fertility medications from abroad?
  • How much of your fertility drugs should you buy in advance or at the beginning of an IVF cycle?
  • How can you obtain a discount on fertility drugs manufactured by Ferring Pharmaceutical?
  • How can you save money on infertility medications manufactured by EMD Serono?
  • What discounts do Merck Pharmaceuticals offer for its fertility medications?
  • How can low income patients obtain a discount on fertility meds or get these infertility drugs for free?
  • Are discounts available for Crinone?

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