How to Choose a Surrogate

What factors should you consider when choosing a surrogate? How does this decision differ from decisions with other forms of assisted reproductive technology? Our guests on today’s show were Jamie Williams, surrogacy case manager for the Surrogacy Source, a full service surrogacy agency; and Stephanie Caballero, founder of Extraordinary Conceptions, a California based egg donation and surrogacy center. She is an attorney specializing in surrogacy, egg donation and adoption law, and a mom through surrogacy.

Hit the Highlights
  • What types of surrogacy are available in the US?
  • How does traditional surrogacy differ from gestational surrogacy?
  • Why do women use of surrogate?
  • What percentage of couples who use a surrogate use donor eggs?
  • What percentage of couples who use a surrogate use donor egg and donor sperm?
  • Does it matter when choosing a surrogate what state she lives in?
  • Is it possible for the intended parents to be on the original birth certificate?
  • What motivates a woman to become a surrogate for another couple?
  • Should the money to be earned or compensation be a motivation?
  • What makes a good surrogate?
  • What are the big issues that must be agreed upon before entering into a surrogacy arrangement?
  • How important is the surrogate’s family to a successful surrogacy?
  • What type of support and education should the surrogate’s family receive?
  • How much control do the intended parents have over the surrogate’s lifestyle? The surrogates eating, drinking, and smoking habits?
  • Ultimately, whose decision is it to selectively reduce or to abort the pregnancy?
  • How much does surrogacy cost?
  • Do most surrogates allow the intended parents to be present at the birth?
  • Is there any way to fully protect the intended parents from a traditional surrogate having parental rights, custody, or visitation if she wants it?

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