Interpreting Results of Genetic Testing on Embryos

When going through fertility treatment and in vitro fertilization (IVF) you will likely be given the option of genetic testing of the embryos to rule out genetic disorders, increase the chance of pregnancy, and reduce the risk of miscarriage. What do you need to know about interpreting these test results? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Dr. Cary Dicken, a Board Certified reproductive endocrinologist with Sher Fertility Institute of New York; and Amy Jordan, a board certified Genetic Counselor with CooperGenomics, and former chair of the Genetic Counseling Special Interest Group for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Hit the Highlights
  • What are the different type of genetic testing that are rountinely used on embryos?
  • What do these acronyms for genetic embryonic testing mean: PGS, PGD, CCS, NGS, aCGH?
  • Who should consider any type of genetic screening on their embryos?
  • Does taking a biopsy of cells from an embryo hurt the embryo?
  • What are you looking for with genetic screening (PGS or CSS or NGS)?
  • What are you looking for with PGD?
  • How accurate are the results you get from embryonic genetic testing?
  • What can you tell about the implantation and growth potential of an embryo based on genetic testing?
  • What can you tell about the health of an embryo and subsequent child based on genetic testing?
  • What is mosaicism or a mosaic embryo?
  • Are we seeing more genetic testing results that show mosaicism? Are mosaic embryos on the rise?
  • Will a mosaic embryo be able to grow into a healthy baby/child/adult?
  • Can a mosaic embryo self-correct?
  • How often will a mosaic embryo self correct?
  • What are some of the difficult decisions patients may have to make as a result of genetic testing?
  • What happens to the results of the genetic tesing? Do they become a part of the child’s permanent record? Part of the infertility patients record? Can the results be used by the child or against the child later in life?
  • How much does PGS or PGD (genetic testing) add to the cost of IVF?

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Image credit: Jeffrey Pott