Books for Kids Adopted from Vietnam

books for kids adopted from vietnam
Rebecca’s Journey Home by Brynn Sugarman

Rebecca’s Journey Home by Brynn Sugarman (ages 4-8) – On the eve of adopting a baby girl from Vietnam, a Jewish family reflects on their happy preparations for her arrival and their eagerness for her to become an addition to their family, as well as a blessed part of the Jewish people. Brothers Jacob and Gabriel raise the points that their new sister will be Vietnamese, Jewish and American all at the same time. It’s a good look at how to honor an adopted child’s birth culture while also including her in her new culture. “Now the baby had three names. She had a Vietnamese Name: Le Thi Hong. She had an English name: Rebecca Rose. And she had a Hebrew name: Rivka Shoshanah.”

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Turner- “Let me tell the story this time, Momma,” says a 4 year old Asian boy. “Once I was a picture you held in your hand,” he begins, and tells how he “flew through night and moon and stars” to his new home. He was frightened on the plane ride but held tight to the picture of his new family. When he arrived, his parents welcomed him at the airport with open arms. Although this book was more a reflection of older style international adoptions where the child was escorted rather than the parents traveling to bring the child home, it is still a sweet tale and was one of my family’s favorites. The country is not specified, but looks east Asian and is probably Vietnam.

When You Were Born in Vietnam by Therese Bartlett (ages 6-teens) – Photo essay.

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