Books for Kids Adopted from Africa

Books for kids africa
Books for kids africa
Mommy's Heart Went Pop

Mommy’s Heart Went POP! by Christina Kyllonen and Peter Greer (ages 4-8) – A beautifully illustrated children’s book about adoption from Africa.  It focusses on how excited the parents are to meet their new child and how much they love them.

Yafi's Family

Yafi’s Family: an Ethiopian Boy’s Journey of Love, Loss and Adoption by Linda Pettitt (ages 4-8) – The story of a six-year old Ethiopian boy’s adoption.  It focuses on Yafi’s relationship with his family, both his first family in Ethiopia and his new family.  A great book, especially for an older child who has memories of his family.

Africa is Not a Country

Africa Is Not A Country by Margy Burns Knight (ages 6-10) – While not specifically about adoption, Africa Is Not A Country is a celebration of African culture and a great introduction for a child to their birth culture.

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