Panel Discussion with Adult Transracial Adoptees

The right way to raise a trans-racial adopted child is a hot button issue. Join us for a frank discussion with the real experts—adults of color who were adopted by white parents as children. They can tell us much about what worked, what didn’t, what they would suggest to this generation of transracial adoptive parents. Our adoptees were adopted domestically, as well as from Korea, China, and Colombia.

Hit the Highlights
  • The importance of exposing a child to their birth culture.
  • Adopting a second child from the same country and the effect of having a sibling that looks like you and shares the same birth culture.
  • The effect of being raised in an ethnically diverse community.
  • How multiracial adoptees fit into their birth culture and their adopted culture.
  • Ways to deal questions about why do not you look like your parents.
  • 8 Things Not to Say to an Adopted Child
  • Can white parents prepare children for racism and prejudice?
  • Fetishizing Asian and Latina girls.
  • ‘SWM, 64, Looking for Asian Woman’
  • Dating as a transracial adoptee.
  • College as a watershed moment for cultural identity.

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