Stephanie, Stella & Steven's Story

Stephanie, Stella & Steven
Location: Eastern Europe
Gender: Male
Birth Year:
Agency Information:

Hopscotch Adoptions


Siblings Stephanie, Stella and Steven were born in February 2001, August 2002 and August 2003 respectively.  They lived with their birth family until June 2004 and have been in three different orphanages since. Stephanie is a cheerful, resilient teen who has been diagnosed with bronchial asthma with predominant allergic component for which she takes medication once daily and receives annual prophylactics and climatotherapy.  She attends 8th grade in a mainstream classroom where she shows very good cognitive potential, including well-developed thinking and imagination, steady attention and good memory.  Her favorite subject is history.  Stephanie is sincere in her communication with others, seeks the attention and approval of significant adults, and respects norms and rules.  She plays well with peers and likes taking care of younger children.  Stephanie enjoys soccer, crafts and celebrating holidays.  She strives to excel in all aspects of life, including school. Stella is a healthy child who is calm, moderately introverted, and sensitive.  She speaks with a rich vocabulary, expresses her thoughts and feelings, and is a good listener.  Stella is diligent and precise when completing tasks.  She attends a mainstream school where she is in 7th grade.  She applies complicated forms of thinking, such as analysis and synthesis, classification and abstraction, shows logic, and has a good imagination.  Stella prepares her homework independently and has beautiful handwriting.  She is respectful toward adults and follows rules.  Stella likes participating in group activities like sports, singing, dancing, watching TV, spending time with friends, making crafts, and celebrating holidays. Steven is an inquisitive, alert, extroverted boy who has been diagnosed with bronchial asthma with predominant allergic component for which he takes medication once daily and receives annual prophylactics and climatotherapy. He also has seborrhea in the area of the scalp and ears and is in need of dental care.  In addition, Steven he has a mixed learning disorder and “unsocialized conduct disorder”, behavior typical for institutionalized children who have been deprived of parental care since early childhood, including a low frustration threshold, poor self-control and conflict resolution skills, verbal aggression, lack of empathy, disobedience, and non-critical assessment of one’s own actions and choices.  Steven has good cognitive potential, showing thinking that runs with normal speed and content, well-developed imagination, good orientation in time and space, steady attention and good concentration. He speaks with a rich vocabulary.  While Steven plays with peers, he struggles to form meaningful relationships with them.  However, he seeks the attention and approval of people that are important to him.  Steven attends 6th grade in a mainstream classroom and has an average academic performance.  He enjoys cooking, making crafts, celebrating holidays and shows a love of animals. The siblings wish to be adopted. Stephanie weight in December 2015: 43 kg Stephanie height in December 2015: 155 cm Stella weight in December 2015: 42 kg Stella height in December 2015: 152 cm Steven weight in December 2015: 31 kg Steven height in December 2015: 142 cm Contact the adoption agency to get more information of these children!

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