Gina & Gabriella's Story

Gina & Gabriella
Location: Eastern Europe
Gender: Female
Birth Year: 2004
Agency Information:

Hopscotch Adoptions


Sisters Gina and Gabriella were born in May 2004 and January 2008, respectively.  There are both in good health. Gina shows good coordination and can run, jump and leap with ease. Her fine motor skills are well-developed and she is adept at coloring, cutting along a contour, and embroidery. She orients to space and time effectively. Gina often quietly keeps to herself and during these times she is polite and helpful.  She may also exhibit emotional volatility including a low threshold for anger. When upset she can be aggressive with other children and resistant to taking responsibility for her actions.  A psychiatry consult in 2015 resulted in a prescription for medication. She also receives behavioral therapy at the orphanage. Gina stammers, particularly when she is in unfamiliar situations or when nervous or excited.  Her speech therapist has found that although Gina often refuses to do the recommended exercises, play therapy, and singing has had a positive effect. Her stammering contributes to a low self-esteem and she states that she is not interested in making friends. She prefers to work or play alone rather than in a group. Gina regularly attends her classes at school and her teachers have noted academic progress since last year.  She has difficulty with focusing and memory.   She memorizes songs but struggles to remember information from her lessons.  She learns best when her lessons are read to her. Gina loves listening to music. She enjoys helping with cleaning and gardening, and especially cooking. She effectively uses the kitchen appliances and is able to make dough, soup, salad and several more complicated meals on her own. Gina is followed by Ophthalmology for myopia and degenerative changes of the macula. Gabriella is a social and cheerful little girl. Her gross and fine motor skills are well-developed. She has a rich vocabulary and easily communicates with adults and children.  She orients effectively in space and time. Gabriella is calm, respectful, and rarely is involved in conflict. She likes to be noticed, often seeks out attention from others, and can become jealous when another child is praised. Gabriella is a diligent and independent worker, typically exhibiting good focus in school.  She is inquisitive and interested in the world around her. She sometimes has difficulty keeping her books and school supplies organized. With adult supervision she completes her required homework assignments. Gabriella enjoys writing, drawing, and coloring. She takes an interest in her appearance and with prompting she can manage her personal hygiene. Gina and Gabriella are somewhat ambivalent towards each other, although over time their relationship has improved.  They now seek each other out and talk more frequently.   Gabriella expresses that she is eager for the love of a family of her own. Gina Weight May 2016: 43 kg Gina Height May 2016: 147 cm Gabriella Weight August 2015: 26 kg Gabriella Height August 2015: 117 cm Contact the adoption agency to get more information of these children!

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