Tate's Story

Location: Eastern Europe
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 2008
Agency Information:

Hopscotch Adoptions


Tanner Photo 1 July 2016 - Aug 2016 resizedBrothers Tanner and Tate were born in March 2007 and September 2008 respectively. Both are healthy. Tate has congenital hypothyroidism and Tanner shows developmental delays. Tate is a positive, well-intentioned boy who is developmentally on target in all areas. He is well-coordinated, shows great focus, easily performs basic logical operations, and skillfully and independently solves problems. He has age appropriate notions of quantity, time, space, and direction. Tate speaks clearly and freely and communicates according to various social settings. He copes well educationally, plays with toys, has a good imagination, shares with others, and enjoys peer relationships. Older brother Tanner is physically healthy. He has been seen by genetic and neurological specialist, but no medical explanation has been found for his developmental delays. Tanner is a very active boy who struggles to keep focused. He is not well-oriented in time and space and about his own person. Tanner's emotional balance is volatile and when his wishes are not fulfilled, he resorts to aggression and tantruming. Tanner initiates interactions with both children and adults and communicates through facial expressions, mimics and gestures. His expressive speech is affected by motor alalia and sessions with a speech therapist are recommended. Tanner can carry out simple instructions and responds to verbal explanations. He attends an auxiliary school. Tate hopes that he and his brother will be adopted as he wishes to have the love, safety and stability of a family and a home. Update October 2015: Our in-country representative visited the brothers and describes them as sweet and active boys who have potential to develop further and would thrive in a family. Tanner is well-oriented in familiar surroundings where his life skills include helping with household chores, making his bed, setting and clearing tables, tidying up, etc. He understands everything he is told, follows directions, produces sounds, and speaks some short words, but is not truly verbal at this time. He enjoys imaginative role-playing and often fashions his own toys from everyday items. Tanner has formed an attachment to a preferred caretaker and his behavior is noticeably improved when he is with her. Tate is an energetic, inquisitive boy who now attends first grade and copes well with the academic material. The orphanage director describes him as mature for his age with a surprising ability to observe and draw conclusions. He has a great sense of humor, enjoys playing with cars, doing crafts and singing. He is helpful toward his big brother and says he loves him because he's not always a good boy. Tanner takes medication to help with his hyperactive behavior and Tate takes medication for his hypothyroidism. Both brothers wear diapers at night. They would benefit greatly from being raised in a forever family. Update August 2016: The boys have been living in a foster home since December 2015. They continue to be very healthy. Tanner’s receptive language skills are good and his foster mother reports that he understands everything that is said to him. He communicates primarily with gestures, is able to imitate sounds and simple words, and has acquired several additional words since placement in a foster home.  He has difficulty controlling and expressing emotions appropriately. He enjoys music, watching cartoons, and especially riding his bicycle. Tanner has completed 2nd grade in a special school where, as a very active boy, he struggles with attention and focus. His teacher has noted improved, calmer behavior since he has been with his foster family. Tate is talkative boy who often speaks on behalf of his brother and takes on the role of leader. He has a mischievous nature and his favorite activity is playing ball outside. Tate has completed 1st grade and has learned to recognize and read letters, numbers, and short sentences. Like his brother, Tate is very active and struggles with attention and concentration. Our in-country representative notes that these brothers have made significant progress in their behavior, social and life skills during the 7 months they’ve been in a foster home. She feels the security, encouragement, and love of a forever family will enable these charming boys to largely overcome their challenges. Tanner weight at birth: 2.480 kg Tanner weight August 2015: 17 kgTanner weight April 2016: 23 kg Tanner weight April 2016: 23 kg Tanner height at birth: 44 cm Tanner height August 2015: 107 cm Tanner height April 2016: 120 cm Tate weight at birth: 2.700 kg Tate weight in July 2015: 18 kg Tate weight April 2016: 22 kg Tate height at birth: 47 cm Tate height July 2015: 105 cm Tate height April 2016: 122 cm Contact the adoption agency to get more information of this child!

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