Priscilla, Paulina, Patton's Story

Priscilla, Paulina, Patton
Location: Eastern Europe
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 2000, 2003, 2005
Agency Information:

Hopscotch Adoptions


waiting children Priscilla Paulina & Patton siblingsSiblings Priscilla, Paulina and Patton were born in 2000, 2003, and 2005 respectively. All are healthy, but have cognitive and academic delays.

Priscilla is a positive, sociable, calm teen who interacts well with other children and adults. She has age appropriate gross and fine motor as well as self-help skills, is responsible in completing tasks, and likes to join group activities. She assists with cooking, shopping and cleaning at the orphanage and enjoys all opportunities related to art, watching TV, and going for walks. Priscilla is well-oriented in everyday situations, has acquired good manners, and easily makes friends. Priscilla has completed 8th grade under an individual education plan with the help of a resource teacher. She attends regularly and shows good attention and focus. Priscilla appears to have a learning disorder, but can read, write and perform simple mathematical calculations.

Paulina is a friendly, calm, sometimes insecure girl who understands instructions and strives to satisfy adults’ expectations by observing boundaries and complying with tasks. She interacts easily with peers and joins group activities, but struggles to make and maintain friendships. Her speech is lively and accompanied by gestures. Paulina has completed 5th grade, despite significant gaps in her academic knowledge and skills. Her motor and self-help abilities are age-appropriate, but she still requires supervision and guidance in everyday situations. Like her older sister, Paulina enjoys working on art projects, watching TV, and going for walks.

Patton is a positive, inquisitive, if impulsive child who shows willingness to communicate, but needs to improve his skills to do so. His speech is emotionally rich and consists of simple sentences and questions. When motivated with an activity of interest, Patton shows improved attention and persistence, but requires encouragement and supervision to stay on task. His gross motor abilities are on target, fine motor and self-help skills are developing. Patton has completed third grade under an individual education plan with the help of a resource teacher. He appears to have a learning disability and cannot yet read, write or perform mathematical tasks above the number 10. Patton likes watching children’s movies, listening to music, singing, dancing, playing outside, and ball games.

These three siblings are attached to one another and must be adopted together.

Priscilla's weight: December 2014: 56 kg Priscilla's height December 2014: 157 cm

Paulina's weight December 2014: 30 kg Paulina's height December 2014: 128 cm

Patton's weight December 2014: 22 kg Patton's height December 2014: 111 cm

Update August 2015: Our in-country representative visited these children and found them to be a communicative and sociable sibling group capable for forming lasting, positive relationships and expressing gratitude.

Priscilla as the oldest especially understands adoption and knows that it may be her age alone holding all of them back from finding a family. Paulina is charming and open and shared that she likes the music and gym classes at school the best. Patton, or "The Little One" as his sisters call him, is a sweet boy who let it be known that he does not enjoy going to school, but loves to play soccer and watch cartoons.

All three children are in need of positive role models who will inspire and motivate them and help them find their path and purpose in life. A loving and safe family environment would be the best setting for Priscilla, Paulina and Patton.

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