Mindy's Story

Location: Eastern Europe
Gender: Female
Birth Year: 2010
Agency Information:

Hopscotch Adoptions 


Mindy was born in 2010 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida with lower limb flaccid paraplegia, hydrocephalus, and congenital dislocation of the left hip joint.  Her development is within the broad norms for her age.

Mindy can place herself into a sitting position independently and pull up onto her knees. She moves by pulling herself with her hands and knees.  Mindy can built towers, stack rings and tries to complete inset puzzles.  She enjoys scribbling with a pencil and can sometimes draw circles.  

Mindy is a positive girl who speaks in simple sentences to express her wishes, interests and needs.  She follows instructions, responds to her name, and knows the names of her friends and caretakers.  Mindy takes turns in interactions with others, has good imitation skills, and shows a lot of initiative when communicating.  She even has a sense of fashion already!

Mindy would thrive in a loving and dedicated family.

Update December 2014: Our in-country representative visited Mindy and found her to be an open-hearted, curious and smart little girl.  Mindy recently transferred into a group of older children at the orphanage and has quickly adjusted to the new routines, increased educational activities, and higher demands for self-help skills there.  Mindy is active, alert and eager to learn new things.  She likes to play with dolls and has a favorite teddy bear.

Update January 2015: Mindy has not had a shunt installed for her hydrocephalus as the condition is stable and her neurosurgeon does not think treatment is necessary at this point.  Mindy's head circumference is 49 cm which is within the norm for her gender and age.

Update March 2015: Mindy is doing well and showing great interest in fine motor activities.  She can complete inset puzzles, plays with play dough, scribbles, and puts objects on a string.  She feeds herself.  Mindy sings songs and asks questions, but may have echolalia.  She follows verbal instructions and speaks in short sentences.  Mindy continues to be a joyous child who seeks contact with adults and peers.  She is interested in games and actively participates in small groups.

Mindy Update July 2015:  Mindy has been in good physical condition and is developing well.  She continues to be cheerful and seek interactions with peers and adults.  Mindy can state her name, gender and age, identify body parts with ease, count, name basic colors and shapes, recognize herself in the mirror, and tell you what is happening in a picture or a book without difficulties.  She draws shapes without assistance, feeds herself, can cut with scissors, and holds a pencil properly.

Mindy is wheelchair-bound, but maneuvers her wheelchair independently.  She can also move by scooting on the floor when not in her wheelchair.  Mindy loves to play with toys, shares toys with other children and helps clean up.  She participates actively in group games.  Mindy attends a daycare center for children with special needs where she receives age-appropriate education in all areas of development and is making wonderful progress.

Weight at birth: 3.200 kg

Weight in January 2015: 14.5 kg

Height at birth: 50 cm

Height in January 2015: 93 cm

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