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We don’t do this often, so please give this note a moment of your time.

You are so important to us, and we hope our mission of unbiased education and support has made a difference for you, too.

We exist because we know that creating a family can be hard, but that it’s made easier with education and support. I’m asking if you will you consider a gift to support us, too.

Creating a Family is a non-profit. Most of the people who use our resources don’t give, yet this year we reached over 500,000 people through our support group, radio show, website, or newsletter. If everyone who cared about this work gave, we could do so much more to make life better for those creating their family through adoption or infertility.

Yes, we do make our resources available for free. But we hope you care enough about these issues to make a gift. Although our scope is national, we aren’t a large organization. We are parents, researchers, and advocates who care about adoption and infertility. We rely on our donors for support, and we hope you’ll join these ranks.

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