Books for Children Conceived through Fertility Treatments

List of best books for children conceived through fertility treatments

List of best books for children conceived through fertility treatments


Im Very FerrisI’m Very Ferris by Tess Kossow  – A colorful and easy to read children’s book that explains infertility through IVF and celebrates the many ways that families are made.  Ferris is a baby boy who has an amazing story about his entrance into the world.





Miracle BabyMiracle Baby: How Babies Are Made The IVF Way by Jennifer Bennett (ages 3-7) – This book explains IVF to younger children, and is meant for the parent and child to read together.





What makes a BAbyWhat Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg (ages 3-7) – This book it provides a way for young children to understand how reproduction works, using scientific terminology (sperm, egg, uterus). The pictures are not gender specific, and the book teaches children that while you need a sperm and an egg to make a baby, not every has a baby in the same way, so it should be able to be used by every family. The author is planning on writing a book covering the same material for older readers.



Our StoryThe Donor Conception Network has a series of books called Our Story (ages 3-6) that discuss all types of family building including egg donation.





I can't wait to meet youI Can’t Wait to Meet You by Claudia Santorelli-Bates (ages 4-8) – Story of couple who used IVF to conceive child. Uses some technical language, so it is probably better for somewhat older children.




How babies and families are madeHow Babies and Families Are Made: There Is More Than One Way! by Patricia Schaffe (ages 5-9) – This is a basic sex ed book for families formed in alternative ways. It includes a discussion of miscarriage, cesarean delivery, twins, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, adoption and stepchildren. Surrogacy and donor egg are not discussed, but the book in inclusive enough to open the door for this discussion. The book may be too technical for the younger end of the range, but it is still a worthy addition to your sex ed library/all families are different and the same collection.



Before You Were BornBefore You Were Born series of books for children, by Janice Grimes, RN.  Books for children conceived through IVF, egg donation, embryo donation, donor sperm, and surrogacy.




My BeginningsMy Beginnings by Tim Appleton is a story of a mommy and daddy who want a baby. After wanting and waiting they finally have a baby through IVF. This book can be customized with all the details specific to your story, but the price is hefty (about $150). You can get a CD to go with this book, but I personally favor the curl up with book and child on lap. However, the CD also includes the story I’m a Little Frostie, which details IVF using a frozen embryo. This book has to be shipped from the UK, so I’d start with some of the other books I’ve listed first to save money on shipping.



It Takes Love to Make a BabyIt Takes Love (and some other stuff) to Make a Baby by L.L. Bird – The book introduces children to several concepts and vocabulary words such as “ovaries,” “uterus,” “pregnant,” “sperm,” “egg,” “testicles,” “sperm donor,” and “sperm bank” and explains what each term means when it comes up in the context of the description of how babies are made in two-mom families.




I Love You This MuchI Love You This Much by Katina Cahill – A mommy and a daddy desperately want a child to love. Until one day when the mommy becomes ill. A rush to the doctor reveals that the mommy is pregnant and will soon have a baby to love “more than anything in the world.” Joy and anticipation replace sadness and despair and the arrival of their blessed son is the best thing in the world.




Spectacular You: An IVF Love StorySpectacular You by Kate Pache – Beautifully illustrated storybook that explains in vitro fertilization (IVF) to children and the process their parents went through to have a child.




One in a MillionOne in Many Millions by RJ Miles – This illustrated picture book explains the process for two Moms to make a baby with brief explanations for how a baby is made with heterosexual parents, IVF, IUI, and sperm donation. Note the book ships from Australia, allow for adequate shipping time.




ExtraExtra! by Kaeleigh MacDonald – This illustrated book tells the story of Lucas discovering that it took extra time and patience for his parents to have him. Covering many family building options, EXTRA! shows that even when parents struggle to conceive they can go on to become a family and that being ‘extra’ is wonderful!




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