Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriageIt is incredible how little useful information is available on recurrent miscarriages. This is partly because there is no medical specialty in miscarriage prevention and treatment.

The good news is that recent advances in chromosomal testing of embryos and miscarried fetuses are helping prevent more miscarriages.

In the meantime, the following statistic should give you some peace: 70% of woman that have had up to four miscarriages will successfully carry a baby to term.

Here are a few great places to begin to understand the causes, treatments, and coping with recurrent pregnancy loss, including Creating a Family radio show/podcasts in which we interview with leading doctors and therapists.

Many more Creating a Family radio shows with experts, videos, blogs, fact sheets, and Q and A’s with Experts on miscarriage can be found at the icons below.

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