egg-retrievalQ: I am having trouble deciding whether to move on to IVF and honestly, a lot of my hesitation has to do with fear of the egg retrieval process and having to undergo anesthesia/sedation. I have not come across any articles or information on this part of the process specifically. Can you direct me anywhere? It seems trivial but it is really holding me back! 

A: General anesthesia is not mandatory. Different doctors use different types of anesthesia. I strongly recommend that you talk with your Reproductive Endocrinologist about this specific concern. I imagine she/he will be able to work with you to work out a solution you would feel comfortable with. You might also find that once you become more educated on what is involved, you will feel more comfortable with a sedation/anesthesia option that you feared. If this concern has kept you from scheduling an appointment with a RE, then by all means schedule one and be completely honest about your concerns.


Image credit: Adrian Wiggins