Unexplained Infertility: Causes and Treatment

Unexplained infertility is the hardest for most patients to accept. Join our guest, Dr. Isaac Glatstein, Associate Medical Director of the Reproductive Science Center of New England, to learn more about unexplained infertility and infertility treatment options.

Hit the Highlights
  • How are children conceived through artificial insemination are doing as they grow up?
  • What are the most common causes of infertility?
  • What percentage of infertility has no known cause and is unexplained?
  • Do most unexplained infertility diagnoses come from general practitioners and obstetrician/gynecologist?
  • What is most commonly diagnosed after a prior unexplained infertility diagnosis?
  • How soon in infertility treatment should your infertility clinic run these diagnostic tests?
  • Are laparoscopes a part of a routine infertility workup?
  • How often in unexplained infertility caused by sub fertility (sub-fertility) in both partners?
  • Should immune system testing be a routine part of an infertility workup for diagnosing fertility problems?
  • Should an infertility clinic routinely run a post coital (postcoital) test?
  • Premature diminished ovarian reserves as a cause of infertility in younger woman. Premature menopause. Premature ovarian failure.
  • Blood type incompatibility and antigen antibody dynamic as a cause of unexplained infertility.
  • Celiac Disease as a cause for infertility or impaired fertility.
  • Is it necessary to know the cause of infertility in order to treat infertility?
  • What infertility treatments are most effective with unexplained infertility?
  • How effective is in vitro fertilization (IVF) in treating unexplained infertility?
  • How effective is Clomid in treating unexplained infertility?
  • How effective is artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination (IUI) in treating unexplained infertility?
  • How effective are medicated artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles in treating unexplained infertility?
  • What are the risks of multiples with IVF or medicated IUI or inseminations?
  • What lifestyle changes increase the odds of successful treatment of infertility?

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