Understanding and Affording Fertility Medications

Fertility medications are expensive so it helps to understand what they are, how to use them, how to get the best price, and how to get your insurance to cover the cost. Our guests to talk about understanding and affording fertility medications are Brian Marquis, pharmacy director at Freedom Fertility Pharmacy; and Dan McLaughlin, a registered nurse and case manager at Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.

Hit the Highlights
  • What are the different types of fertility meds and how do the work?
  • How do Clomiphene Citrate and letrozole differ?
  • Is Clomiphene Citrate or letrozole in generic form?
  • What infertility medications are typically used for an IUI with injectable cycle?
  • Why are infertility patients typically put on birth control pills?
  • Do the medications have to be refrigerated and if so how are they shipped?
  • If you have to travel during a fertility treatment cycle, what do you do about the medications? Can they be unrefrigerated?
  • How are the fertility drugs administered?
  • Any tips for administering the medications?
  • Any tips for giving the fertility shots?
  • What type of infertility drugs are covered by insurance (either with or without coverage for infertility)?
  • Should you be careful how your fertility drug prescription is coded in order to maximize your insurance coverage?
  • Can patients select where to buy fertility drugs or do they have to go where their doctor suggests?
  • Where you can find the better prices on fertility drugs?
  • Does the least expensive pharmacy depend on which drug is prescribed or who they drug manufacturer is?
  • Do fertility meds have to be bought from specialized pharmacies or can I get them from my local Rite Aid or CVS or any other nearby pharmacy? Can’t they order them?
  • Are there advantages to using a pharmacy that specializes in fertility?
  • How can you save money on fertility meds?
  • How safe are these infertility medications?
  • Can you give away of sell any unused medication left over after your cycle
  • What are some of the side effects of the meds?

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