Egg Freezing PartiesIs it ethical to market egg freezing to fertile women as a way to delay parenthood?  This is one of many valid points made in a recent Washington Post article titled, “How fear fuels the business of egg freezing”.  EggBanxx, a NY based marketing startup, claims it is raising awareness with its egg freezing parties at swanky hotels complete with champage.  EggBanxx chief executive Gina Bartasi said, “We want to provide interested women with the information and resources they’re looking for as they consider egg freezing…The demand and interest is there. We want to help get the word out and educate.”  Others in the medical community such as Arthur Caplan, director of New York University’s Division of Medical Ethics share concerns over marketing egg freezing citing that, “Commerce, the absence of data and fear is a pretty toxic mix,” said  “Companies that sell this procedure are not held accountable to whether or not you have a baby. You’ve paid your fees.”  Egg freezing is a fairly new science with a price tag upward of $10,000 per cycle and generally not covered by insurance.