I completely understand how annoying it is when you are in the midst of hell and someone pipes up that you should focus on the

Is there a blessing in infertility?
Even though it’s annoying when someone tells you to look for the positive, is it possible that there is a blessing in infertility?

positives and look for the blessings. Makes you want to reach out and strangle someone, doesn’t it. But, is it possible that there is an underlying blessing in infertility? Listen to these words from someone who’s been there.

“I remember the hollow ache and cutting sorrow of infertility for over four years. I would never wish that pain on anyone, and yet I learned so much about myself and others in the process. It was an extraordinarily painful time for me, and I bristled at every reminder that I was infertile, that I was barren. The only people I trusted with my anguish were those who had walked the same journey with me. At least they understood.

Looking back at the 18 years since we adopted, it’s clear to me that infertility shaped me and prepared me to be a very good/intentional (possibly overprotective) mother. When our daughter finally came to us, I felt like there was no other parent in the entire world happier than we were. And because of our struggles, I felt greatly blessed and humbled to have been chosen by a precious young couple to be parents of their daughter.

Infertility pruned me hard, and I didn’t think I would ever recover from its pain. But I did, and though it sounds trite to say– I count infertility as a blessing.

I am forever changed by IF. I am nowhere near perfect, but infertility taught me I can’t do everything I set my heart to do. Some things are out of my control. Only God can make a baby. I could and did and still do love our children as much as we would have loved our bio kids if they came. I also learned that everyone goes thru something (or several something’s) hard and devastating, and compassion and love, empathy, patience, kindness, and gentleness go a long way. I pray you are encouraged and feel supported and understood in this place. Thank you for sharing your painful night here with us. You are among friends.” ~reprinted with permission from the Creating a Family Facebook Support Group

Have you found any blessing in infertility?

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