Things to Think about Before Going Abroad for Fertility Treatment


  1. What are the pregnancy rate and live baby rate at the infertility clinics you are considering.  The clinic might not know the live baby rate, but it is worth asking.  You will probably not be able to verify these statistics, but you should ask anyway.
  2. What are the multiple pregnancy rates of the clinic?  Twin complications are very real and should not be the goal of fertility treatment.  Listen to the Creating a Family show on reducing multiple births for more information.
  3. Is the international infertility clinic accredited and if so, by whom?  Some infertility clinics abroad may be accredited by the same organization that accredits US clinics, or they may be accredited by the national accrediting entity in the country where they are located.
  4. Do the reproductive endocrinologist (infertility doctor), head nurse, and embryologist speak English? Verify by scheduling a telephone call with them via Skype.
  5. Where did the reproductive endocrinologist and embryologist receive their training?
  6. What record keeping and tracking systems are used for eggs, sperm, and fresh and frozen embryos?
  7. What type of screening is used for egg donors and surrogates?
  8. Is counseling mandatory for surrogates? This is important for both traditional surrogates and gestational carriers.
  9. How much information on egg donors will be available for intended parents? Is identifying information available if you want it?
  10. How are egg donors and surrogates compensated?  Do you believe that they are being treated fairly?