what tests should you expect your RE to run during your first appointmentQ: What are the standard tests that will be performed on the first couple of appointments with a fertility doctor or clinic?

A: According to Dr. Beth McAvey of RMA of New York, an initial infertility evaluation always includes investigation on both partners. For women, this includes ovarian reserve testing to assess both egg quantity and quality, measured by blood markers FSH-follicle stimulating hormone and AMH-anti-mullerian hormone, and a pelvic ultrasound to look for the number of antral follicles. In addition, the uterus and the fallopian tubes should be evaluated. I will typically order a hysterosalpingogram (X-ray) to assess the uterine cavity for the presence of uterine myomas or endometrial polyps and to assess the patency (or opening) of fallopian tubes. Women who have male partners should have his semen analyzed for count, motility and morphology (structural integrity). I always recommend genetic testing and a general health assessment, including a thyroid and infectious disease screen.

Dr. Beth McAvey is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Fertility Specialist with RMA of New York.

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Image credit: Håkan Dahlström