It’s rare to find a women that has experienced a miscarriage that doesn’t wonder on some level if she did latest developments in the cause and prevention of miscarriagesomething that might have caused the miscarriage or something that she could have done to prevent it.

  • Did that fall I took when I was 8 weeks pregnant somehow dislodge the embryo?
  • Did that glass of wine I had cause this?
  • Should I have stopped running when I found out I was pregnant?
  • Should I have abstained from sex?

Something terrible has happened, so we look for a cause if only because if we were to blame, then maybe, just maybe we can prevent it from happening again. If you have ever felt that way, even just a little, I can not recommend enough yesterday’s Creating a Family show on Latest Development in Causes and Prevention of Miscarriage. It will be so reassuring, as well as encouraging for future successful pregnancies.


Our guest was Dr. Ruth Lathi, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Director of the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss program at Stanford University. She is also a researcher (over 60 publications) and is the incoming President for Pacific Coast Reproductive Society.

Dr. Lathi’s message is that it is the responsibility of the embryo to develop normally, and there are very few things a woman can do to induce a miscarriage.

We talked at length on the causes of miscarriage and the latest developments to prevent them. You are really going to love this show.

Did you blame yourself for your miscarriage?