Insensitive Comments Made to the Infertile
People say the darndest things. ARGHHH!

Here’s a list of the top “smack worthy” comments the Creating a Family audience has heard lately.

  1. Maybe God meant for you to be a really great aunt.
  2. You’re too young to be worrying about not being able to conceive (said to a 28 year old with premature ovarian failure).
  3. Eat sweet potatoes (said to a woman whose husband has an extremely low sperm count).
  4. Stop stressing about it, that’s the worst thing you can do when you’re trying to get pregnant. (Nothing like being told to not stress for inducing stress.)
  5. Just remember Sarah in the Bible. (Said to a women who had a hysterectomy.)
  6. Trying must be fun. (You can read my thoughts on this comment on this blog.)
  7. When are you going to give us a grandbaby? We aren’t getting any younger. (And yes, they did know that she and her husband were struggling with infertility and in treatment.)
  8. Put a pillow under your butt after making love. It worked for me and I only tried for two months.
  9. Have your husband wear boxer shorts.
  10. And our all time favorite: Just adopt and you’ll get pregnant.

Have any to add????


Image credit: Gwendal