taking care of yourself while in infertility treatment

Infertility treatment is exhausting. Trying again and again to get pregnant is wearing on your emotions, your marriage, your friendships, and your bank account. It is so very important to take care of yourself when riding this rollercoaster.

We did a survey in the Creating a Family Facebook Support Group asking:

What is (or was) your go-to self-care technique or comfort tool in the struggle of infertility? Share your ideas to help others find new coping tools!

The responses from the group were fantastic. Look through these and choose a few to incorporate into your life while you are in fertility treatment. You deserve it!

Self-Care Toolkit for Infertility Treatment

  1. Travel. Hands down the most popular self-care tip was travel-cruises, adventure travels, adult only resorts, backpacking, etc. A number of people specifically mentioned that the act of planning a big trip for the future gives you something to look forward to in the future if you are not pregnant.
  2. Rescuing a pet. A close second in self-care was “adopting” a pet.
  3. Working on project that you likely wouldn’t have time for with children. The diversity of pursuits mentioned was inspiring: writing, getting a degree, dancing, photography, art, horseback riding, etc.)
  4. Date nights.
  5. Praying and deepening your faith. Infertility treatment can challenge your faith, but some people use it as an impetus to draw closer to God.
  6. Baking. This may not be the best for your overall health, but it works to kill the pain and pass the time. It has the added bonus of making you very popular with friends and at work.
  7. Scheduling a wine tasting every time that time of the month came by.”
  8. Volunteering with activities that involve children, such as teaching Sunday School, working in the church nursery, or becoming a Big Brother or Sister. A couple of people even said that they became foster parents. The responses were divided, however, on the helpfulness of activities with children–for some it’s a trigger and for others it fills a need. And before you consider becoming a foster parent get educated on foster care and the goal of foster care. This is especially important if your underlying goal of foster parenting is to adopt.
  9. Listening to Creating a Family podcasts. (“Went through the entire archive through two IVF cycles.”) Creating a Family strongly believe that education is power, and one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get educated is to plug in your earphones and listen while you’re driving, cooking, exercising, or even vacuuming. We have a huge archive of past shows. Subscribe to the Creating a Family podcast on your phone and start listening. It’s free and easy.

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