On May 18, RESOLVE.org is inviting infertility advocates from all over the country to gather in Washington DC to bring the issues of infertility to the national spotlight. Events of the almost-two days of advocacy will include training sessions on how to effectively advocate, time to network with other advocates, and of course, scheduled meetings with representatives of Congress. The issues at the forefront of this years event are access to care, fertility care for U.S. military vets, person-hood and the Adoption Tax Credit.

From RESOLVE’s website:

RESOLVE Advocates are talking to Members of Congress about the disease of infertility. People with infertility matter and we need Congress to understand the issues that are important to our community. Congress can help make a difference in the lives of patients battling infertility by making vital medical treatment options more accessible, and strengthening the federal commitment to research that will lead to prevention of and treatments for infertility.

For a full look at the events and registration, check out Resolve.org’s website.