ZikaDr. David Adamson, the founder and Chief Medical Officer of ARC Fertility, wrote an excellent piece for The Huffington Post in August. In it, he detailed the importance of being well-informed about the Zika virus, including how it’s transmitted and what precautionary measures should be taken when one is planning a pregnancy. He summarized the current research and most recent recommendations, bullet-pointed in his article, from The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) report released in April 2016. These recommendations by the ASRM were created using information from the FDA and the CDC, who have both been closely tracking the Zika virus. However, the data┬áthat the scientific community is learning about Zika is changing so rapidly that ASRM is already working on a brand new set of guidelines, which are expected to include more detailed information about sexual transmission from women to men, among other things. With so many more questions coming as new information is being gained, a new research program has been announced by ASRM aimed at better understanding the virus and developing better counseling and treatment.

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