PCOS-ContraceptionQ: I am on the pill for treatment of the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome. We want to get pregnant soon. How long do I need to be off the pill?

A: Keep I mind that I’m not a doctor, and this is a medical question that your doctor should answer. We did get a very similar question on the  Creating a Family show on PCOS with Dr. Marcelle Cedars, a PCOS specialist. She has some great insight into this syndrome and helps run a clinic for treatment of PCOS. She said that it is a myth that you should be off the pill for 3 months prior to trying to conceive. In fact, she pointed out that PCOS patients often have their greatest chance of ovulating the first month off the pill, so she recommends staying on the pill until the month before you want to start trying. She also said that once off the pill, if you think you are not ovulation, you should not wait the usually recommended one year before you seek medical help. You can listen to this show by going to the radio page of this website.


Image credit: Pinstamatic