Genetic testing for sperm donation and egg donationOne of the questions we received for yesterday’s Creating a Family show on Genetics 101 for Sperm and Egg Donation basically asked why not map the genome of any potential donor to rule out any possible problems. It kind of made my chuckle.

I’m definitely a “more is better” kind of gal when it comes to information, so I understand where the questioner is coming from. The reason her question made me smile was that I wonder if she “required” genetic mapping of her husband or partner before they got married or started thinking about kids.

The good news is that the price of genetic testing is dropping rapidly, and the experts on the show predict that we’ll see more genetic testing in the future, although likely not mapping of the genome any time soon.

I highly recommend this Creating a Family show for anyone considering sperm or egg donation. They did a great job of explaining what intended parents need to think about and what options are available. Genetic science is pretty darn amazing.