Minimal Stimulation IVF And Natural Cycle IVF

IVF and other infertility treatments are expensive and often not coverered by health insurance. Host Dawn Davenport talks with two pioneers in the field of fertility medicine about way and options to lower the cost of fertility treatments, including IVF. Dr. Joe Massey, a reproductive endocrinologist at Servy Massey Fertility Institute. He was involved with the first ICSI pregnancy in the US, the first US egg freezing in the US, and the world’s first successful assisted hatching procedures. Dr. Fran Yelian, a MD, PhD reproductive endocrinologist with Life IVF Center in Irvine, California. He specializes in minimal stimulation IVF and natural cycle IVF, as well as traditional infertility treatments. Recently, Dr. Yelian took a sabbatical leave to work at Kato Ladies Clinic in Japan where he mastered the new techniques and skills of Natural Cycle IVF and Minimal Stimulation IVF.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is Natural Cycle In Vitro Fertilization?
  • Who should consider using natural cycle IVF?
  • Why are older women a good candidate for natural cycle IVF?
  • What are the advantages to this alternative to traditional IVF?
  • What are the disadvantages of this type of IVF?
  • What are the success rates for natural cycle IVF?
  • What is Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization?
  • How much fertility medication is used with Mini IVF?
  • What is the procedure when using less injectable gonadotropins?
  • What is the protocol when using minimal stimulation IVF?
  • Who is a good candidate to use Minimal IVF?
  • What are the advantages to milder forms of IVF?
  • What are the disadvantages of this cheaper type of IVF?
  • What are the success rates for Minimal Stimulation IVF?
  • What is the cost of a typical Mini Stim cycle?
  • Is minimal stimulation a gentler IVF or more patient friendly type of IVF?
  • How do other clinics lower the cost of traditional IVF without using less fertility medication?
  • Is it possible to maintain pregnancy success rates from IVF and still save money?