Living Child Free

My guests for this show were Pamela Tsigdinos, author of Silent Sorority, and Stephanie Baffone, a therapist who made the decision to live child free after years in infertility treatment and has counseled with many others facing this decision. We focused on those who are involuntarily living child free because infertility treatment failed.

Hit the Highlights
  • It’s hard to find a group that you fit with
  • How to be satisfied with your life when you are settling for something you didn’t want
  • Once you’ve made the decision, how do you answer the question of how many kids do you have? How do you handle the “fishing expedition” when you first meet people and they are trying to figure out why you don’t have kids
  • Why not choose adoption?
  • How to navigate the decision to stop infertility treatment and acceptance of a new life plan as a couple and what to do it you don’t agree.
  • How to find a therapist that specializes in infertility
  • How do you get past the feelings of envy, bordering on hatred for those who have children?
  • Infertility doesn’t end with the baby making years

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Image Credit: EricMagnuson