Infertility Treatment: Legislative Issues




Infertility treatment is under attack by various state legislative bills. What can you do to protect your right to treatment, including IVF? What other legislation affects infertility: requirements for insurance to pay for treatment; tax credit for infertility treatment? Join our guests, Barb Collura, Executive Director of Resolve: The National Infertility Association to talk about the threats to infertility treatment and what you can do.


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  • What is the Family Act of 2011 would provide tax credit for in vitro fertilization?
  • How many cycles of IVF are covered in the Family Act?
  • Is there a lifetime cap on the amount of money you can claim for infertility treatment under the Family Act of 2011?
  • What does it mean that the Family Act of 2011 for cost of IVF must be shared 50/50?
  • What is the status of renewing the Adoption Tax Credit?
  • What is the history of the Adoption Tax Credit?
  • When will the Adoption Tax Credit expire?
  • What can someone do to support making the Adoption Tax Credit a permanent part of our tax code?
  • What is meant by “personhood” legislation?
  • What states have introduced bills in support of embryos having the status of “persons”?
  • What states have ballot amendments on the personhood of embryos?
  • Are the personhood bills and ballot initiatives designed to make IVF illegal?
  • How would so-called personhood bills affect the practice of in vitro fertilization, stem cell research, donating embryos to research, freezing embryos, creating embryos?
  • What can people do to support insurance mandates for infertility treatment coverage?
  • How will the Affordable Healthcare Act affect insurance coverage for fertility treatment?
  • Will infertility treatments, such as IVF, be included as an Essential Health Benefit?
  • How can people advocate for their employers to include coverage for infertility in their group insurance plans?


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