Funny moments with Infertility

OK folks, let’s lighten things up a bit and play the “You Know You Are Infertile When_____” game.

You Know You’re Infertile When…

• You read a post on Facebook about someone getting nine eggs and you assume it’s IVF related, then you realize it was from a friend who has chickens.
• Someone tells you they’re pregnant and you ask what they did. (Not sure who was the most embarrassed-me or them.)
• When your daughter greets your husband at the door with “daddy is your sperm okay today”. (They were in the midst of fertility treatment and their 6 year old daughter asked the mom why she kept going to the doctor. The mom told her that mommy and daddy wanted another baby, but sometimes there are problems with the sperm or eggs. They had already introduced the basic biology of reproduction. That night her daughter greeted her husband that night with this question.)

OK, your turn, what are your funny, embarrassing, or unforgettable infertility moments.

Image credit: JD Hancock