Karma BitesHi all. I arrived in Rome yesterday. After checking into the hotel I decided to go exploring the city. First step–find the Metro and just as important find my way back to the hotel. I’m proud to say that I did both.  Unfortunately, the line to get into the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel started to form at 6:00 AM, so were not options for me. I decided to take in the England vs. Germany game with a rowdy group of Brits. Although I didn’t have a dog in that fight (my dog (to further the analogy and not to refer to my feelings for the US team) having lost to Ghana the day before), I’m wise enough to root for England given the crowd.

Now, there are two versions of what happened next.  Let’s just go with the preferred version. I was climbing the Spanish Steps when I heard a voice of a lover from long ago call my name.  When turning, I stepped off the step wrong, twisting my ankle and ending up on crutches.  The preferred version sounds so much better than missing a step coming out of a gelato shop, doesn’t it?  I have always been a bit disdainful of the bright red or yellow line painted on steps to delineated where the step begins, but no more.  I now think every step needs at least one, preferably two  bright lines. The up side is that my toe nails are newly polished, which is very nice since my foot is getting so much attention.

In any event, I’m here and planning on getting the most out of this conference.  It is absolutely huge.  I’ll be blogging daily on what I’m learning,  so check back often.


Image credit: ewewlo