The Chinese Medicine Approach to Infertility and Intimacy

How to use it to support a Western medical approach to treating infertility (such as IVF and IUI). And how does infertility impact intimate relationships and what can Chinese medicine do to help maintain a healthy sex life during treatment. We talk with with Denise Wiesner, a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist, and founder of the Natural Healing and Acupuncture Clinic and a professor in the doctoral program in Chinese Medicine, fertility, and women’s Health at Yo San University in LA. She is the author of the book , “Conceiving with Love: a Whole Body Approach to creating intimacy, reigniting passion, and increasing fertility.”

Hit the Highlights
Chinese Medicine and Infertility
  • How does Eastern medicine approach infertility and how does it differ from the approach by western medicine?
  • What information is important to a Chinese medicine doctor when treating infertility?
  • How does Chinese medicine see and treat PCOS?
  • How does Chinese medicine see and treat diminished ovarian reserves?
  • What is electroacupuncture or electro-acupuncture and how is it used to treat infertility?
  • How can Chinese herbs help with the anxiety and stress of infertility?
  • How can Chinese Medicine compliment western infertility treatment?
  • Chinese medicine is all about balance. Does IVF throw the woman’s body out of balance?
  • Is acupuncture effective for female infertility?
  • Is acupuncture effective for male infertility?
  • What Chinese herbs are safe to take when going through IVF. (Talk with your RE about this first.)
  • IVF support through Chinese medicine.
Maintaining Intimacy When Going Through Infertility
  • What are some of the typical issues with intimacy that you see with couples who are struggling to conceive?
  • How common is erectile dysfunction for couples going through infertility treatment?
  • What can couples do to maintain the joy of sex when what they really want it a baby?
  • How important is female orgasm to conception.

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