Male Infertility 101

What are the causes and treatment for male infertility? What lifestyle factors impact fertility in men? We talk with Dr. Natan Bar Chama, Director of the Center of Male Reproductive Health at RMA of New York and a board-certified Urologist and Male Infertility Specialist; and Dr. Eleanor Stevenson, a Professor and Chair of Division of Women, Children and Families at the Duke University School of Nursing where she focuses her scholarship on improving the emotional and informational needs of men experiencing infertility. She is the co-founder of All about Fertility, a website providing resources on male fertility.

Hit the Highlights


  • How common is male infertility in the US? In the world? Is there a variation by country?
  • What are the most common causes of male infertility?
  • Congenital or genetic conditions
  • What lifestyle factors influence male fertility?
  • Can environmental pollution or toxins affect male fertility?
  • Causes that affect other health issues.
  • How does the man’s age impact fertility?
  • What does the latest research show about how the male partner’s age impact pregnancy, miscarriage, birth defects, mental health issues, Down syndrome, and long-term prognosis for the child?

Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • How is male infertility diagnosed?
  • How to interpret the results of a semen analysis?
  • Does the semen analysis need to be done be a specialized lab. Where are men being diagnosed.
  • Home test for semen analysis or home sperm testing.
  • Why is the semen analysis so often not done immediately?
  • What medical specialty should be sought for infertility?
  • How are the common causes of male infertility treated?
  • What lifestyle changes are supported by research to improve male fertility?
  • What environmental pollution or toxins should be avoided?
  • Is the use of supplement supported by research for treatment of male infertility?

Emotional Impact:

  • Avoidance of testing.
  • What does the research show on how men emotionally process infertility?
  • How do men and women differ in the typical ways that they handle a diagnosis of infertility?
  • How common is Erectile Dysfunction as a result of the stress of infertility?
  • How is erectile dysfunction treated and how effective is treatment?
  • Does the race/ethnicity impact how men typically handle a diagnosis of infertility?

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