IVF from the Male Partner’s Perspective

What’s IVF like from the male partner’s perspective? We spend a lot of time talking about the experience of infertility treatment for the person going through treatment, but what about their partner? We talk with Keegan Prue, the author of “The IVF Dad.” He and his wife Olivia went through two rounds of IVF and suffered two miscarriages before welcoming their daughter.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Tell us your story to parenthood.
  • The imagined role of the male partner: strong, supportive, and not needing support.
  • Media messages about men that impact how they can respond to infertility: men take action to fix problems, showing emotion makes you weak, real men don’t ask for or need help, real men are virile, being a father is part of what makes you a man.
  • What are some things that you learned that the male partner can do to improve the quality or quantity of sperm.
  • What are some common emotions men or those supporting a person trying to get pregnant might feel when they start infertility treatment: anger; embarrassment; jealousy; fear that is won’t work; worry (over costs, impact of the treatment on their partner and their relationship), feeling less manly.
  • How can the supporting partner take care of themselves during treatment? 
  • The partner’s role in giving the shots. What are some common feelings they experience?
  • Tips for staying connected with your partner through the stress of fertility treatment.
  • Dealing with miscarriage yourself while supporting your partner.
  • The role of infertility nurses. You wanted to nominate your infertility nurse for sainthood. What did she do that made the stressful experience of infertility and its treatment more bearable for you as the male partner.

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