Infertility Advocacy

We cannot take the availability of infertility treatment for granted. Learn more about what is happening around the US that might impact treatment of the disease of infertility. Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Sean Tipton, Chief Advocacy, Policy and Development Officer, American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Barb Collura, Executive Director of Resolve, the national infertility association.

Hit the Highlights
  • Advocacy Day-May 15-16, 2019 in Washington DC

  • Let’s start with a win: what happened last week in NY.

  • What percentage of people in the US have health insurance coverage for Infertility diagnosis or treatment?

  • Why is the disease of infertility not covered?

  • What percentage of insurance policies that provide coverage for infertility treatment still mandate a prescribed course of treatment. For example X # of IUIs before covering IVF?

  • Where do we stand with health insurance coverage for infertility?

  • What can people do to influence their state legislatures about insurance coverage.

  • Are more companies offering insurance policies that cover the diagnosis and treatment of infertility on their own even in non-mandated states?

  • What can people do to influence their company to provide health insurance coverage for infertility?

  • What are personhood laws and how do they impact the availability of infertility treatment?

  • What is the status of personhood laws throughout the US?

  • How do states vary in their laws on surrogacy?

  • Are there still states where surrogacy is illegal?

  • What is happening with fertility preservation for people undergoing medical treatments that will likely render them infertile?

  • How does the military handle coverage for infertility treatment for their soldiers or families?

  • Infertility and its treatment can impact a person’s work. How does the law handle request for accommodations to cover absences, inability to lift things, etc.

  • How are people discriminated against because they are infertile?

  • How does the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handle discrimination against the infertile undergoing fertility treatments. 

  • What are ASRM’s top targets for advocacy?

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