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What diet and supplements are best for supporting good quality eggs and sperm? What environmental toxins should we avoid? We talk with Rebecca Fett who has a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry and is the author of the bestselling fertility book, “It Starts with the Egg”.

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Hit the Highlights
  • Let’s start with your own story and why you decided to write this book.

  • Your book is titled It Starts with the Egg-but could also have been titled it’s all about the egg to emphasize the importance of egg quality?

  • Why is egg quality so important?

  • Women are born with all the eggs we will ever have so what can we do post-birth to improve egg quality?

  • What is BPA and how does it affect egg quality?

  • What other environmental toxins do women who are trying to get pregnant need to be concerned about?

  • What is the role of Vitamin D in conception, pregnancy, and miscarriage?

  • What is the role of the thyroid in getting pregnant and miscarriage?

  • What is the role of brushing your teeth and oral hygiene in getting and staying pregnant?

  • What supplements should women who want to get pregnant be using? We must preface this by saying that you should consult with your reproductive endocrinologist first.

  • What supplements should women who are undergoing IVF be using? 

  • What supplements should women who have experiences two or more miscarriages be using? Again, confirm this with your infertility specialist first.

  • What is Myo-Inositol and who should consider using it? Are there side-effects?

  • What is DHEA and who should consider using it and who should not? What are the side-effects?

  • What supplements do researchers recommend that women trying to get pregnant NOT take?

  • What does the current research show on the efficacy of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture?

  • What is the recommended diet to increase your chances of getting pregnant with or without fertility treatment?

  • What is the best diet to improve fertility?

  • What is the best diet to increase your odds of success with IVF or other fertility treatment?

  • What about alcohol and caffeine for those trying to conceive with or without IVF?

  • What can be done to improve sperm quality?


Photo Credit: Karin Henseler 

Music credit: Michael Ashworth