Wounded Vets IVFThis is a great overview from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Bulletin, regarding the recent passage of HR 5325, a bill which funds the government for the start of Fiscal Year 2017. The bill now awaits President Obama’s signature. Included in that bill are two provisions important to the world of reproductive health care. ASRM cautions that this victory in passage is one that deserves celebration but it also bears close watch for implementation and on-going protection for the sanctity of the bill.

The first provision of great importance that is included in HR 5325 is the allowance for the Veterans Administration “provide fertility counseling, adoption reimbursement, and ART services to veterans who sustained service related injuries which have impaired their fertility.” Despite many efforts to derail or delay this provision in the bill, ASRM is committed to move forward with efforts to support the leadership of the VA to implement the program and make these services accessible to veterans affected.

Secondly, HR 5325 also includes over $1 billion dollars in desperately needed funding to fight the Zika virus.

The complete overview by ASRM can be found here.