companies are adding fertility benefits to their insurance coverageHere’s an interesting article from BizWomen about fertility benefits as a recruiting tool to keep health insurance packages competitive. As awareness of the need for insurance coverage for fertility care spreads, it seems as if some employers are paying attention.

An increasing number of companies are adding fertility care to their insurance coverage, to improve the “family-friendly perks” in their employment packages. In today’s competitive market, women are examining benefits coverage and leave time policies carefully and weighing those factors into the decisions they make about their employment.

A survey done by Glamour and company Modern Fertility found almost 60 percent of women would opt for a company offering fertility benefits over a company that didn’t. Additionally, 55 percent would prefer an employer who provided coverage for annual fertility testing.

Furthermore, if your company is not currently offering fertility benefits – or other family-friendly coverage for that matter – don’t be afraid to speak up:

Tammy Sun, CEO and cofounder of fertility benefits company Carrot, told Glamour women who love their current job or company but find it lacking in fertility benefits should advocate for them, since many companies act quickly once employees inquire.

It makes perfect sense to us — recruiting and retaining high-quality employees with benefits that reflect those employees’ needs and values is good for everyone!