Curiosity about cannabis and its impacts on fertility is rising as marijuana legalization and the use of THC and CBD products increase. We hear a lot about the healing effects of marijuana and products derived from marijuana. But we don’t hear as much about the impacts of cannabis on fertility.

In a recent study highlighted at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2022 Scientific Congress, researchers studied the impacts of cannabis on pregnancy outcomes. Notably, the team established an in vitro model to study the endometrial conditions and fetal cardiac outcomes. You can read more about the details and methodology here.

Impact of Cannabis on Endometrial Health

The study concluded that increased doses or frequency of cannabis by women could lead to impaired endometrial health. Endometrium damaged or deteriorating from the impacts of cannabis or THC can lead to fertility challenges. A developing embryo needs to implant into healthy endometrial tissue.

Impact of Cannabis on In-Utero Cardiac Development

The study also found that cannabis and exposure to THC seriously impact the health of cardiac cells in a developing fetus. The impairment can lead to in-utero cardiac complications during pregnancy.

An Introduction to Female Fertility

The Recommendations

The President-Elect of ASRM, Michael Thomas, MD, shared this statement,

“Increased legislation of cannabis has led to an increase in cannabis use in women prior to and during pregnancy. We would caution young women who are planning to be or are pregnant to not use cannabis as increased dose and frequency of use can impair endometrial health leading to infertility.”

If you are interested in learning more about the impacts of cannabis on other specific issues of fertility, we recommend the following resources:

Image Credits: Harrison Haines; MART PRODUCTION