4 Surprising & Optimistic Facts About Having a Baby in Your 40s

Dawn Davenport


More women are having babies in their 40’s and most are worried about the risks. Without minimizing the very real increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities, miscarriage, and preeclampsia, there are some less scary things about being pregnant in your 40’s that you probably don’t know.

facts about having a baby over 40

  1. Older parents are significantly more likely to have daughters than are younger parents.
  2. Women in their 40’s are more likely to give birth to left-handed children.
  3. Older pregnant moms are more likely to conceive non-identical twins even without fertility treatment. As a woman ages, her follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) increases. FSH develops eggs inside the ovaries prior to being released into the fallopian tubes. High FSH levels can cause two or more eggs to release, which can result in fraternal twins. The likelihood of spontaneously conceived twins rises from 1/80 in a 25-year-old woman to 1/40 in a 42-year-old expectant woman.
  4. Women who give birth in their late 30’s and 40’s live longer. Research indicates that women who have one or two children in their 30’s and 40’s have a greater chance of living into their 80’s and 90’s. One study found that women who lived until at least the age of 100 were four times more likely to have had children in their 40’s than women who survived only to the age of 73.

If you are considering having a baby in your 40’s what do you worry about? What do you look forward to? What are your thoughts on older motherhood?

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Originally published in 2016; Updated in 2019
Image credit: CNN (good article on risks of pregnancy over 40)

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6 Responses to 4 Surprising & Optimistic Facts About Having a Baby in Your 40s

  1. Avatar Debra Carrillo says:

    Im 39 and have 3 living children. I am now remarried and would like another baby , its been a year and nothihng i did have a miscarrige in 2018 before we married what am i doing wrong ?

    • Tracy Whitney Tracy Whitney says:

      I’m sorry, Debra, for your loss. It sounds like it’s time to seek some guidance from your personal physician. He or she will do a full review of your medical history and talk with you about the factors you are facing in trying to have another baby. This resource might be a good read before you go: http://ow.ly/PlPP50y8pb8

      Best wishes to you.

  2. Avatar Amy says:

    I just found out that I’m pregnant. I will be 43 in October. I was told 3 years ago that it would be impossible to conceive. Well, it happened — with no treatments at all. Now I’m just worried about miscarriage and all the scary statistics about women over 35 basically being at higher risk for EVERYTHING.

    • Tracy Whitney Tracy Whitney says:

      Congratulations, Amy! What joy you must be feeling right now. But yes, the fear and worry about “something” or “anything” going wrong is probably right at the back of your throat too. Here are a couple resources that might help you prepare for “older motherhood.” And again, congrats!



    • Avatar Yvonne says:

      Hi Amy my name is Yvonne I’m from Los Angeles and I too am 43yo and just had a positive pregnancy test without any fertility treatments.
      How are you so far in your pregnancy? I hope you are feeling well🙏🏼 Any issues or pointers you can offer? My youngest is 10yo now so it’s been awhile since I’ve been through this beautiful blessing

      • Tracy Whitney Tracy Whitney says:

        I know you didn’t ask me, Yvonne, but I wanted to jump in and say Congratulations! And to offer this resource about “older mom” parenting. Should You Become a Mom at 40… – it’s a really interesting radio interview that we did a few years ago.

        I am an older mom, having started over after a 6-year difference between my youngest bio and my first adopted child. There are some great things about it and some challenges. Mostly my energy levels, honestly. But the younger two are such a blessing to our home and I am so glad I didn’t give in to my fear about being too old to do it all again.

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