Infertility Advocacy

What federal and state legislation is threatening access to infertility treatment? What can we do to protect fertility treatment and make them accessible for all patients? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Sean Tipton, Chief Advocacy and Policy Officer at American Society of Reproductive Medicine; Betsy Campbell, Director of Constituent Engagement with Resolve, and Lee Collins, a lawyer and infertility activist.

Hit the Highlights
  • Federal legislation that could affect the availability of fertility treatments (such as IVF).
  • What is the status of federal personhood legislation?
  • What other federal legislation might affect availability of infertility treatment?
  • State legislation that may impact the availability of patients to get infertility treatments (including IVF or surrogacy).
  • Infertility Insurance
    • What states mandate insurance coverage?
    • How to get your employer to add infertility benefits to their benefit packages.
  • Access to care: what are the barriers for patients to get infertility treatment
  • Walks of Hope
  • National Infertility Awareness Week
  • Infertility Advocacy Day
  • Infertility and politics

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Image Credit: Jon Burpee