How to Treat Depression While Pregnant

What is the best way to treat depression in pregnant women? What are the risk to the mom and baby of the various treatment options? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews two leading experts on treating depression in pregnancy.

Hit the Highlights
  • Is there a difference between situational depression and clinical depression?
  • What is an adjustment disorder?
  • How do antidepressants work?
  • Do antidepressants raise the serotonin levels in the brain?
  • What are the symptoms of severe or clinical depression? How can you tell is you are clinically depressed?
  • Does talk therapy work?
  • What type of therapy has research shown to be effective at treating depression?
  • How can you find a counselor, psychologist, or therapist that is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?
  • What are the different types of antidepressants?
  • How do a woman’s emotions during pregnancy affect the fetus?
  • What are the risks of antidepressant use during pregnancy?
  • How do antidepressants affect the unborn child?
  • What are the potential long term risks to a child who was exposed to antidepressants during gestation (in pregnancy or in utero)?
  • Are there benefits to antidepressant use during pregnancy?
  • Other than therapy, what are other ways to treat depression?
  • Is acupuncture an effective treatment for depression?
  • Has yoga been shown to reduce symptoms of depression during pregnancy?

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Image Credit: Brian Wolfe
Show originally aired in 2012.