egg freezing testAn interesting article from NPR about the future of egg freezing. Women considering freezing their eggs are required to take an ovarian reserve test before undergoing the procedure. The test measures the levels of three types hormones and includes an ultrasound to count how many egg follicles a woman has. “The ability to both test for your egg supply and at the same time do something about it is really amazing,” says Dr. Benjamin Leader, a fertility diagnostics researcher and CEO of ReproSource.

Other doctors, however, worry that the test isn’t reliable enough. They caution that is a huge variation in what any individual woman’s normal hormone levels are, making it difficult to interpret test results. “I think that for some people this test is very helpful in guiding them in decision making, but for other people, it may not in and of itself direct them that accurately,” Dr. Samantha Pfeifer, an associate professor at Weill Cornell Medical College and chairwoman of a committee at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine that guides doctors in her field, says.