Guide to Infertility Treatment for U.S. Military and Their Partners

What infertility treatment is available to US military personnel and their spouses? What is covered by Tricare? Where should military personnel get treatment? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Dr. Scott Sills a reproductive endocrinologist at Center for Advanced Genetics in California and author of “Fighting At The Fertility Front—A Navigational Guide to Infertility for U.S. Military, Veterans and Their Partners”.

Hit the Highlights
  • What insurance is applicable to active military? Tricare will cover medically necessary care that could lead to a natural conception.
  • Are veterans eligible for fertility treatment coverage?
  • Differences between the fertility services available at Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) and the fertility services covered by Tricare.
  • How does military insurance treat infertility treatment?
  • What infertility diagnostics are covered?
  • What infertility treatments are covered?
  • Is coverage different if you were injured on active duty?
  • How does the military define Injured on active duty?
  • Are military personnel at increased risk for infertility?
    • Traumatic genital injury
    • Environmental Toxin exposure
    • Gulf War Deployment
    • Radar exposure
    • High pressure, such as high altitude or underwater pressure in submarines
    • Stress
    • Sleep deprivation
    • Cigarette smoking
    • Permethrin exposure through military uniforms. Are women whose partner wears a permethrin treated uniform at risk?
  • Do military medical facilities perform IVF? 6 military treatment facilities cover full range of infertility treatment.
  • Is the cost less for IVF if using a Military Treatment Facility?
  • Can you use Tricare at non-military infertility clinics?
  • Do many infertility clinics offer discounts for military personnel?
  • Are drug discounts available?
  • Should women in the military consider egg banking before deployment?
  • Will the military pay for the cost of egg banking?
  • Should men in the military consider sperm banking before deployment?
  • Will the military cover the cost of sperm banking?

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Image Credit: Brandon Kopp